MIDEL quality policy: achievement and maintenance of high quality under ship repairing within terms stipulated by the contract being.



SSRZ Midel covers an area of over 30 ha, on which the shops fitted with state-of-the-art equipment are arranged. Production capacities of the plant allow solving process tasks of any complexity.

Key elements of the plant structure are the following production areas:

- hull-welding,
- woodworking,
- machine assembly: repair of mechanisms and pipes,
- cleaning and painting of ship hulls,
- repair of propeller-rudder unit,
- repair of electrical equipment.

Efficiency and high quality of vessels maintenance is provided when using:

- unique side slip G-300 with a horizontal shipbuilding site allowing to place and simultaneously repair up to 6 units of vessels; 
- quay length 173.8 r/m equipped with a portal crane with a capacity of up to 25 tons; 
- quay length 124 r/m;
- tugs; 
- oxygen station; 
- stations for testing and inspection of ship rescue and fire-fighting equipment.

Development of technical processes and conditions of repair, re-equipment and modernization of ships, as well as quality control of works and materials used is carried out by experienced engineers of SSRZ Midel bureau for design and technology.